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Natural Human Hair Extensions, Best Clip In Hair Extensions

We love hair extensions because they give us options. There’s no need to wait for a bad haircut to grow out, or to resign ourselves to lifeless hair because that’s what we were born with. Your look is something you can control, and it’s absolutely liberating. We’re not just talking about adding length and volume here, Clip In Hair Extensions are increasingly being used to alter color, add texture, and even mask damaged hair. Babe is committed to extending hair extension options to everyone, regardless of their current hair situation and intended extension goals. That’s why we came out with Tape-In, Single Sided Tape, Single Clip-Ins, Instant Hair, and our newest development: the Micro Bonding technique. Using this technique, by customizing fusion bonds, we’re evolving hair extensions to address an even wider range of issues beyond missing length or volume—and appealing to a wider audience in the process.

Is your hair thinning with age, or shedding due to weight loss or a major life transition? Extensions may be for you! Our Remy Hair Extensions and Fusion extensions using our Micro Bonding technique can fill in the gaps without placing any unnecessary stress on your thin hair.

Do you suffer from balding or patchy hair? Our Micro Bonding extension technique can re-introduce hair to exposed areas of scalp without any noticeable bonds or attachments in sight!

Hair Extensions MethodAnother tip for choosing a hair extension specialist is to ask people you know in real life which hair salon they recommend for extensions. Many online review services can be skewed as some companies pay people to post glowing reviews. Asking people, you know in real life who they use and trust will help ensure that the feedback you are receiving is real and not fake. The feedback you receive from friends and family can help you hone in on a hair salon in Chicago for your extensions.

Find One That Offers a Free Consultation.

Hair extensions can do so much for you. Lengthening your hair can transform the shape of your face, give you confidence and make you feel beautiful. But hiring a hair extension specialist is a bit more complicated than hiring someone to cut or color your hair. The costs involved are also significantly more. As such, many salons that offer this service offer free consultations. During this consultation, you have the opportunity to meet with a specialist and discuss them with her or him. You can explain to her what look you are after, what your budget is and how little or much maintenance you are willing to put into maintaining them. Based on that, the specialist should be able to recommend the type of hair extensions and the installation method that is right for you. They should be able to describe in detail why it is the best option for you and give you the opportunity to feel the hair type that they are recommending.

Do you want to experiment with your short hairstyle? It’s easy to change things up with Micro Bonds and achieve anything from a color streak to a rattail and beyond.

Highlights, lowlights, a splash of color, and much, much more are all achievable with any of our varied human hair extension methods. We even have temporary options for one-time events or people looking to sample a new style before committing. Whatever your desire and whatever your demographic, hair extensions can be a simple and accessible solution. Remember, hair extensions aren’t just for young, fashionable women looking for Rapunzel hair—they’re for anyone and everyone looking for options with their hair.